Desktop Publishing
High Quality & Print Ready Files

Let our highly skilled graphic designers, and desktop publishers help you get the job done right when integration of print and web based catalog ecommerce solutions are demanded.

To help our customers increase the value of IT to their organization, we offer services at every stage of infrastructure investment. We can help our customers with the choice of technology, its procurement and tailored configuration, and its testing and integration within the organization. We can then ensure continued efficient, cost effective performance through our range of operational management and support services.
Our Software & CAT Tools

SDL TradosAdobe Collection
MS OfficeAdobe InDesign
Quark ExpressAdobe Photoshop

As adopting new technology is seen in our annual budget we are quite flexible in choosing the software needed for your projects so we will move to the software you need easily.
Formats we support

Markup languages like SGML, XML, and HTML opened the door to problem-free file-sharing, and they potentially offer freedom from the limitations of paper-based documents. A world where manuals are accessed more often in browser windows than as printed documents is a real possibility. We're also experienced with HTML and XHTML, and we use our resources to develop and manage a variety of websites.